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Pest Control Cedar City | What are the things you should ask your pest control company?

Jan 3

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There are many different questions that you may want to ask your pest control company. You will need to know what type of pest they specialize in, how long it takes for them to get the job done, and if there is a warranty on their work. These are all important things for you to know before hiring any company. But there are also other questions you should ask, depending on the type of pests that concern you most. For example, if your main concern is just getting rid of spiders and other bugs, then the information you need to know is different than what you would want to know about roaches. Here are just a few questions that may be helpful to ask:

What type of pests do they specialize in?

If you have a large infestation of ants or mice, it’s important that you hire someone who specializes in those types of insects. You don’t want them coming back because the professionals should already know how to treat these specific issues. And it should only take them one time coming out for them to completely get rid of your problem. So make sure the company will handle the situation quickly and efficiently without having to come back over and over again.

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How long will it take for them to get rid of my problem?


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You shouldn’t wait too long before having the pests removed from your home, so find out how long it will be before you can expect them out to your property. Most companies should be able to come the same day that you call, if not then within just a few days or possibly even in just hours during an emergency. If they don’t have someone available right away, ask if they offer any type of discount on future services because waiting more than 24 hours isn’t acceptable.

Do they offer a warranty on their work?

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Some companies do not leave a warranty on their treatment for your home. If they do offer a warranty, you need to find out the time frame and the terms of the warranty. When pest control companies guarantee their work, then you know that they are confident in what they do for your home.

How much will it cost me?

Each company is different when it comes to how much their treatment costs. You may want to ask them upfront about their general prices so that way you aren’t overcharged in case there is an emergency in your home. Or if you have a large infestation in your attic or basement, then you would need to pay extra if all of those areas were affected too instead of just one room in your house with bed bugs or something like this.

Do you provide free estimates?

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Some companies do offer free estimates, while others charge for this service and you must know ahead of time so there aren’t any surprises later on down the road. If they don’t provide a free estimate, then ask them how much it will cost to come out and inspect your home. Usually, $100 would be the charge if no one is in your home at the time or if they just need to take a quick look around without disturbing anything in your space.

What type of poisons do you use for bait?

Make sure they use something safe for your kids or pets, because some poisons may not be good for them. If you would like to know more about how the company deals with these types of pests, you can ask what type of rodents are they best at taking care of. If it’s different than what you have as a pest problem, then make sure they explain why this will work better for you and those pesky little critters in your home.

How long will it take before I notice a difference?

You shouldn’t drive around with a bunch of rust on the body panels of your car. So, after your pest control company comes out, you should ask them how long it will be before the carpenter ants are completely gone and no longer causing damage to your vehicle. If this makes more sense than trying to spray around the outside of your car with something like Liquid Awn, then make sure that’s the solution they recommend for you instead of wasting time or breaking the bank by spraying some off-the-shelf product that doesn’t even work on all types of insects.

What type of warranty do you offer?

Some companies offer warranties on their services because they know they do good work at an affordable price. However, if you don’t get one for free or receive some kind of break on the price, then you may be better off finding another company that offers a warranty with their services.

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How long will the treatment take to kill fire ants?

Ants can be very annoying if they decide to invade your home so it’s important to figure out how long it would take before these types of insects are completely gone from your property. If they don’t know exactly for sure what type of ant is causing all of this havoc, then find out whether or not they specialize in certain areas like pest control for carpenter ants, termites, and even something like bumblebees.

Do I need to call you if I see ants coming out of the ground?

Just like mice and rats, some infestations can be more difficult than others to find or take care of. If their treatment is only going to help stop the exterior insects that are trying to invade your home, then you may want to ask them what they do about those types of invasions on your property. Ants come from underground so it would be useful for them to know where these places are if you don’t have their full treatment plan for this area at least.

Will there be any damage done during the termite treatment process?

This is a very important question because termites are known to cause major damage if they are left alone for too long. You may want to ask what they do, or what you can do if the infestation has progressed so far that there will be some kind of potential damage done as part of their work. It’s definitely something to consider before hiring them if you don’t want anything replaced during the time where these insects will be taking care of your property and family’s home.

Are bugs harmful or just an annoyance?

All pests are annoying but some of them are also dangerous to your health. Since different types of roaches can cause more problems than others, this is why it’s important to look into the type you have and find out what the solution is for getting rid of these pesky creatures. It’s not like any pest will give you a disease or anything bad like that, but if they’re around then you may be inviting other insects that could potentially harm your family or pets into your home.