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Milpitas Rodent Proofing - Keeping Your Home And Business Safe From Rodents

Sep 18

Rodents are a common problem in Milpitas, and they can cause a lot of damage to your home or business if they get inside. That's why it's important to take rodent proofing Milpitas steps to prevent them from getting in in the first place. Here are some tips on how to rodent-proof your property.

Keeping Your Home And Business Safe From Rodents

1. Start by inspecting the exterior of your property for any potential entry points. Look for cracks in the foundation, gaps around doors and windows, and holes in screens. Seal up any openings that you find with caulk or weatherstripping.
2. Keep the field clean and free of debris, as rodents will use tall grass and weeds as cover while they try to get inside. If you have trees or shrubs next to your building, trim back branches touching the structure. 
3. Inside your property, keep food in sealed containers and dispose of trash regularly. Rodents are attracted to food sources, so keeping them away from potential food sources is important. Also, clean up any spills immediately, as rodents will be attracted to the smells of food and garbage. 
4. Finally, call a professional if you suspect you have a rodent problem or if you need help identifying potential entry points. A pest control expert can help you eliminate any existing problems and prevent future infestations. 


By taking these simple steps, you can help keep rodents out of your home or business. Reducing their access to food and shelter will make your property less appealing to them and more likely to stay rodent-free. And if you do suspect a problem, don't hesitate to call a Milpitas rodent proofing professional for help.


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