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Hillock Green: The Urban Oasis of Singapore

Oct 29


Nestled in the heart of Singapore, Hillock Green serves as a confluence of modern conveniences and lush greenery. But, what makes Hillock Green such a magnetic pull for residents? Let's dive in.

Hillock Green: An Urban Shopper's Paradise
Shop Till You Drop:
Ang Mo Kio Hub—the go-to shopping arena for all Hillock Green condo residents. From the latest fashion trends to cutting-edge electronics, and from mouth-watering delicacies to daily essentials, it’s a haven for shoppers.

Gastronomical Adventures Await:
Foodies rejoice! With a myriad of cafes and restaurants, Hillock Green offers cuisines spanning the globe. And for those who cherish local flavors, traditional market stalls are a delight.

A Breath of Fresh Air: Greenery Galore
Outdoor Enthusiasts, Look No Further:
Hillock Green's abundant green spaces, exemplified by Singapore's Bishan-Ang Kio Park, invite residents to indulge in outdoor activities and soak up nature's beauty. 

Unwrapping the Real Estate Scenario: Hillock Green's Rising Star
Big Players on the Block:
United Engineers Limited (UEL), a renowned affiliate of Yanlord Land Group Limited, through its subsidiary UED Alpha Pte.Ltd., has embarked on an ambitious project at Hillock Green. The big reveal came when Yanlord announced its acquisition of Hillock Green condo in an official stock exchange filing.

A Successful Auction:
On a significant day, September 19th, Yanlord Land Group, with its indirect subsidiaries and partners, triumphed in a residential site auction at Hillock Green.

Ang Mo Kio Town: The Jewel in Hillock Green's Crown
History, Community, and Growth:
Amidst the buzz of Hillock Green Condo lies Ang Mo Kio Town—an emblem of Singapore’s urban transformation. With a myriad of services, efficient transportation, and a rich tapestry of history, it epitomizes a vibrant living experience.

Real Estate Bidding Wars: The Numbers Game
Offers and Counteroffers:
Tanglin Land of CapitaLand Development made notable headlines with its S$1,069 psf bid. Meanwhile, GuocoLand and Intrepid Investments surprised many with their competitive offer for Hillock Green.

The Winning Bid:
In alliance with Forsea Residence Pte.Ltd., the property, spanning a whopping 144,714 square feet, was acquired for an astounding $481,028,300. This acquisition is a cornerstone of the upcoming Lentor Hills development.

Essential Services at Your Doorstep
Prioritizing Healthcare:
With institutions like Ang Mo Kio Polyclinic and The Thye Hua Kwan hospital, Hillock Green ensures top-notch medical care for its residents round the clock.

Efficient Transportation:
Hillock Green’s connectivity is unparalleled. The North-South MRT line and the Ang Mo Kio MRT station, combined with an extensive bus network, ensure seamless connectivity throughout Singapore.

Education at Its Best:
Renowned educational institutions, including Anderson Serangoon Junior College and CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls' School, ensure students thrive in a holistic learning environment.

Why Hillock Green is the Place to Be
From state-of-the-art amenities to wide open spaces, rich history, and a vibrant community, Hillock Green stands as a testament to modern urban living. Indeed, it’s not just a place to live—it’s a place to belong.

Connectivity Beyond Hillock Green
Lentor Town, a neighbor to Hillock Green, symbolizes Singapore's urban ethos. The crux of Hillock Green's allure? An impeccable transport infrastructure that brings Singapore to your doorstep, elevating residents' living standards.

Q: What makes Hillock Green a top residential choice?
A: Its blend of modern amenities, vast green spaces, top-notch education institutions, and efficient transport links make it a prime choice.

Q: Who are the major players in Hillock Green's real estate development?
A: United Engineers Limited (UEL) and Yanlord Land Group Limited are pivotal in its development.

Q: Is healthcare accessible in Hillock Green?
A: Absolutely! With medical facilities like Ang Mo Kio Polyclinic and The Thye Hua Kwan hospital, residents are always in safe hands.

Q: How's the connectivity in and around Hillock Green?
A: With the North-South MRT line, Ang Mo Kio MRT station, and an extensive bus network, connectivity is a breeze.

Q: Which schools are in close proximity to Hillock Green?
A: Institutions like Anderson Serangoon Junior College and CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls' School are just around the corner.

Q: Is Hillock Green ideal for nature lovers?
A: Definitely! Places like Singapore's Bishan-Ang Kio Park offer ample opportunities for nature enthusiasts.

Hillock Green encapsulates the spirit of modern urban living, balancing concrete marvels with verdant expanses. As an embodiment of sustainability, community, and unparalleled experiences, it's undeniably one of Singapore's finest neighborhoods. And with the multitude of amenities, services, and conveniences at its doorstep, it’s no wonder residents call Hillock Green their sanctuary.